Visit Our California Caverns

Visit Our California Caverns


The California Gold Country offers visitors more than just Gold Rush history. Visitors to the area are invited to experience the beauty of the limestone and crystalline caverns that are open to the public. Plan your trip for underground adventures ranging from the mild to the challenging and wild.

Black Chasm Cavern, in Volcano, designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1976 because of its large variety of formations including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and rare helictite crystals for which the cavern is rightly famous. The 50 minute Landmark Walk Tour takes visitors through environmentally friendly platforms, stairs, and walkways that have been designed to show the best views of the caverns without disturbing the delicate environment.






California Cavern, the first cave in the state opened to the public for tours have impressed visitors with the unique, delicate beauty of the crystalline formations. Visitors are offered the chance to go through the cavern during two different walking tours or participate in an underground adventure, a professionally guided spelunking trip.






Located just north of the town of Murphys, Mercer Caverns are in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. World famous for the rare Aragonite flows Ferri, Mercer Caverns are the longest continually operating commercial caverns in California. The tour of the caverns lasts about 45 minutes with a decent equivalent to the height of a 16 story building. Visitors can enjoy the various formations that have developed over time.





Located under the hills of Calaveras County are the Moaning Caverns, hundreds of limestone caverns offering different exciting tours. The most popular tour allows you to rappel 165 feet by rope to the caverns below or experience a challenging guided adventure trip. Visitors will see sparkling flowstones, stalactites, and clusters of rare crystalline helictite formations. 

Moaning Cavern now offers an above ground, no experience necessary, high adrenaline rushRace a friend or family member on our incredible 1500-foot twin zip line, at speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour, for the thrill of your life!